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About Us

The Soul Intention offers alternative therapies that complement western medical practices based out of San Clemente Chiropractic. Our approach is based upon the Hippocratic idea of health and well-being. Our services include Therapeutic Massage, Herbalism, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Exercise, and Meditation.

"Hippocrates, the 'Father of Medicine,' incorporated the healing power of nature, such as herbs, essential oils, diet, exercise, manipulative therapies, hydrotherapy, and spirituality into his practice" to treat the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Hippocrates' also recommended regular aromatherapy baths and aromatic massages.

(Snyovitz, 2020, p 139, 182).

We do not diagnose or cure any disease, but offer services, knowledge, and wisdom on healthy, yet alternative practices for your overall well-being. With knowledge, one can make choices based on their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Our mission statement:

"Light is the essence of our being; Love is the heart of our Soul!"

Through alternative eastern modalities, that complement traditional medicine, we assist our clients and members to achieve and remember their talents and innocence, so that they can reach their truest potential to sustain happiness and joy within themselves, their home, their business, their career, health, life, and relationships.

Snyovitz, L. B., Larson, K. L. (2020). Consumer Health and Integrative Medicine: Holistic View

of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices (2nd ed.) Jones & Bartlett Learning

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Meet Valentina Marie

Valentina Marie, CMT, 200HR CYT, Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Massage Therapist

B.S. Integrative Health:

Therapeutic Massage Therapist (CMT #1791), Aromatherapist, Herbalist,

Yoga Instructor (200HR CYT)

California Massage Therapy Council Seal

Valentina Marie offers Complementary Alternative Services and provides sessions based out of San Clemente Chiropractic.


Valentina has shared her unique gifts with thousands of people within the Orange County area and those who have traveled to see her from various regions worldwide.


With patience, compassion, discernment, wisdom, and understanding, Valentina Marie helps people liberate and clear unwanted emotions, limiting beliefs, thoughts, and negative energy that have caused stress, tension, and imbalance within the body.


Valentina helps her clients reconnect to themselves through Alternative Wellness Modalities that benefit the mind, body, heart, and spirit. She bases her practice upon the Hippocratic School of Thought.


Valentina Marie will assist and guide you back down the path to self-rediscovery, discipline, renewal, and transformation through education and alternative eastern modalities.

The Soul Intention Logo: Galactic Rose

Peace Be With You


The Soul Intention™

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Our business location is based

out of San Clemente, CA.

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