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After 10 years of working as a California Certified Massage Therapist at The Soul Intention, we were guided to change the nature of our business model to helping people discover their own way to physical and Spiritual well-being, by offering Spiritually based Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Sound Vibrational Therapy, and Spiritual End of Life Care.


After being guided to Yoga, by Divine intervention, Valentina became a 200 Hour Yoga Instructor in 2016, adding to her scope of practice, dedicating herself to Christ based meditation and healing modalities.  Through Yoga and breathwork, she was able to release unwanted emotions, tension, and stress, which was caused by an array of trauma throughout her life.  Yoga was not a physical exercise for her, but a way to reconnect to her own heart and the Omnipresent Christ within and around everyone and everything.  Yoga and breathwork has brought grace and clarity to Valentina Marie so that she can hold sacred space for those seeking Spiritual, emotional, or physical reprieve. 


By the clearing of '*Etheric Sludge,' within and around us, we are able to create happiness and peace within and all around us.  We are enthusiastic and excited to bring the knowledge and essentials for sustaining happiness, health, and abundance within our everyday lives.

(*Etheric Sludge is heavy, lower vibrational light particles, that manifest as emotional distress, pain, tension, stress, and psychosis.*)


Our mission is to help our clients to remember who they are, so that they can reach their truest energetic potential to sustain happiness and joy within themselves, their career, health, life, and relationships.  We also serve clients who are in bereavement of the loss of a loved one, or in the process of transitioning from life to death. 

For more information on Spiritual Care for End of Life, please click below

Peace be with You


Meet the Owner

Valentina Marie

Yoga Instructor (200 RYT), ORDM, Certified Energy Healer, Therapeutic Massage Therapist 

(California Massage Therapy Council,  CMT #1791) , End of Life Doula,

Musician & Artist

Valentina has over 25 years of experience as a Clairvoyant, with the emphasis of direct client care.  She offers services and care for mental, emotional, and Spiritual afflictions, and provides private, Spiritual sessions in the comfort of your own home, hospital, hospice, or designated location.


Valentina has shared her unique gifts with thousands of people within the San Clemente area and with those from various regions from all over the world.  With patience, compassion, and understanding, Valentina helps people to locate, free, and clear unwanted emotions that have caused disease within an individual.  She helps her clients reconnect to themselves through 'Spiritual' Therapeutic Modalities.  She basis her practice upon the Gnostic teachings of Christ Yeshua and continues to assist and guide people down the path of self rediscovery and self realization. 


Peace Be With You


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