Spiritual Deliverance & Bereavement 

Valentina Marie offers Supernatural Deliverance for individuals who are experiencing malicious, paranormal activity, or supernatural occurrences that can not be explained.  Valentina also offer therapies for people in need of help from afflictions that can not be addressed by western medicine.  She assists those in the end stages of life, by holding space within Christ Yeshua.  She assists those who are transitioning from life to death, based on the Spiritual teachings of Christ.


She offers Deliverance, Bereavement, Spiritual Counsel, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Prayer, to allow an individual a more comfortable and pure environment for living or for passing into the world beyond.  She also offers assistance with those in bereavement of the loss of a loved one.

Supernatural Deliverance may not always be a comfortable experience for the living, but death should be a comfortable experience for all individuals involved.  No one should ever have to depart from this world alone or afraid; for in the end,

there is only peace, love, and forgiveness in the Light of Christ.

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*Travel Expenses must be rendered and prices are (Donation based) for those in the hospital or hospice.

Peace Be With You


God Bless You!

Valentina Marie, ORDM

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